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Our Team: About Me


From Football to Fitness

As a former Football player, the fundamentals of how to train properly were instilled upon me at the age of 13. As I brought this knowledge forward, it provided me with the opportunity to play in various showcases in The United States and around Canada.

Now, at 23 years old, my fitness journey has been dedicated to Bodybuilding, Entrepreneurship and helping others achieve their fitness goals by passing on what I have learned thus far. 

As a competitive Bodybuilder, I have competed in an amateur class at the Toronto Super-show in 2019, the Ottawa Naturals in September of 2020 and the Fouad Abiad Championships in 2023. 

With personal experience in competitive bodybuilding and professional experience working as a CPTN-CPT, I'm confident that I can help you achieve whatever fitness goal you may have!



Overcoming Issues of the Past

Ever since I was young, I’ve struggled with body image and weight issues. I was the chubby kid that was constantly picked on. I lacked a passion for physical activity until I started following professional wrestling.

When I took my first steps in the ring, I found something within myself that I didn't previously have. A confidence in being physically active

With wrestling gone, the pandemic would turn out to be a blessing in disguise as I needed something to keep myself sane. This is where I found my passion for fitness and nutrition. I started working out in a small garage gym with a few close friends to remain active. This began my weight loss journey and since then, I have lost 35lbs and am in the best shape of my life. I am currently enrolled in the Fitness and Health Promotion program at Fanshawe college.

At CP Fitness, I bring personal experience from my own fitness journey, I’ve found a way to embrace fitness and nutrition in my everyday life and understand the struggles that so many of you face. I’ve been there before.

With this being said, I’m confident that I can help you and any others that are looking to make a positive change in their lives.

Our Team: About Me
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